Chiaha is a fun-for-everyone arts festival in Rome, GA

Chiaha Patron Program

Chiaha arts patron programWe would love for you to participate as a Patron at this year’s festival!

As a Chiaha Patron, you pledge support at the Silver ($125) or Gold ($250) level. The Chiaha Guild of Arts and Crafts retains a small portion of your pledge to help underwrite our local arts education programs. The remainder of your pledge will be given to you in the form of ChiaCash to use to purchase artwork at the fair.

Why Should I be a Chiaha Patron?

Most of us go to Chiaha Harvest Fair to see old friends, enjoy the music or food, and, of course, see the artwork. Many of the artists, however, come to Chiaha to sell their artwork to support themselves and their passion for art. There are many festivals they could go to, but many choose Chiaha because of the generous support of our patrons. Simply put, the artists know that patrons will be buying artwork at Chiaha; the artists invest in our community because they know that we will invest in them. The strength of our Patron Program directly affects the number of quality artists we attract.

How does being a Chiaha Patron Benefit My Community?

Patron Commitment = More High Quality Artists = Increased Fair Attendance = Increased Gate Proceeds = More $$ for Local Art Projects and Scholarships

What are the Benefits of being a Patron?

As a patron, you receive free admission to the fair, public recognition for your support, and MORE based on your level of participation! And remember…the Chiaha Guild is dedicated to promoting the arts and arts education. As we all know, public funding for the arts and art education has declined significantly in the past decade. The Chiaha Guild strives to keep art and art education alive here in Rome and Floyd County.

With our profits from Chiaha Harvest Fair and the contributions of our patrons, we fund local art scholarships and community art projects. We fund arts scholarships at our local colleges, as well as fund visual arts and music education in grades K through 12 in Rome and Floyd County through our Arts Education Mini-Grant. We support the Rome Area Council for the Arts and award grants for Alton Holman Heritage Art School in Cave Spring. We have donated to a scholarship in memory of Stranger Malone, supported Congressman Phil Gingrey’s 11th District Art Competition, and the National Creative Society.


  • $200 ChiaCash to purchase artwork & 1 Patron ribbon to award to the artist of your choice
  • 2 passes to Chiaha Harvest Fair
  • 1 Chiaha Reusable Bag
  • 1 Chiaha T-Shirt
  • Recognition in Program & on Patron Signage


  • $100 ChiaCash to purchase artwork & 1 Patron ribbon to award to the artist of your choice
  • 2 passes to Chiaha Harvest Fair
  • 1 Chiaha Reusable Bag
  • Recognition in Program & on Patron Signage

ChiaCash Instructions for Patrons

  1. Your ChiaCash will be in your Patron packet at Chiaha headquarters when you arrive at the fair.
  2. Endorse your ChiaCash at the Chiaha Headquarters and again at the booth of the artist from whom you are making your purchase.
  3. ChiaCash may be used only for purchasing artwork at the 2018 Chiaha Harvest Fair.
  4. ChiaCash may not be redeemed for cash, admission, or food.
  5. Pay the artist directly for any amount due over your ChiaCash value.
  6. If the ChiaCash amount exceeds the cost of the artwork, change will not be provided.
  7. Guard your ChiaCash like real currency. Lost ChiaCash cannot be replaced.
  8. Complete your selection by 3:30 pm Sunday, the last day of Chiaha Harvest Fair.

Get Patron Registration Form PDF