Chiaha is a fun-for-everyone arts festival in Rome, GA

Fair Food

Fair Food at Chiaha art festivalNo trip to Chiaha would be complete without stopping in our food court and sampling a culinary treat from one of our many food vendors. Choose from a variety of fair food: southern home cooking, fried peach and apple pies, ribbon fries, lace cakes, Cajun dishes, fudge, homemade cookies, fried pickles, caramel apples, hotdogs, hamburgers and much more. Before you leave for home, don’t forget to pick up a bag of fresh popped kettle corn, popped the old fashion way in a giant copper kettle.


Vendor Food Items
 Martha Jane’s Fudge  Fudge, Candied Apples
 Embree’s Lace Cakes Funnel Cakes
 Doug’s Bakery  Desserts
 Doug’s Deli Downtown Sandwiches
 Speak Cheesy  Grilled Cheese
 Harvest Moon Café  Hamburgers and Chili
 Kaleido Sno  Jambalaya, Chicken & Dumplings
 Lucy & Ethel’s Fried Pies  Peach & Apple Fried Pies & Turkey Legs
 Metropolitan Methodist Church  Rib Boats
 Original Kettle Korn  Kettle Corn
 Resa’s Salsa  Salsa
 Rollin Nut House  Boiled Peanuts, Pork Skins
 Southern Cookers  BBQ, Roasted Corn, Pinto beans & Corn Bread
 Swift & Finch Coffee  Roasted Coffee
 Tim Welchel and Charlie Ford  Ribbon Fries, Corndogs & Lemonade
 Jamwich  Sandwiches, Jam Bars
Ashley Fuller Cotton Candy