Chiaha is a fun-for-everyone arts festival in Rome, GA

Chiaha Guild of Arts and Crafts

Chiaha Guild membersThe Chiaha Guild is the board that puts on the Chiaha Harvest Fair each year and is responsible for the disbursement of funds for various programs. The mission of the Chiaha Guild of Arts and Crafts is to support arts and art education in the Rome/Floyd Community. Our members include:

2019 Chairmen

  • Andi Beyer and Monica Sheppard – Executive Directors
  • Jennifer Selman – Festival Chairman
  • Bryan Johnson – Festival Vice Chairman
  • Drew Allison – Treasurer
  • Denise Champagne – Secretary
  • Mary Conn Alcorn – Patron Program
  • Russell McClanahan – Entertainment
  • Bryan Johnson – Gates
  • Kathy Bowen, Denise Champagne and Emily Wood – Hospitality
  • Chris Davidson – Arts Education Mini-Grants

Board of Directors

  • Mary Conn Alcorn
  • Kathy Bowen
  • Janet Byington
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Emily Johnson
  • Russell McClanahan
  • Nancy Smith
  • Stephen Smith
  • Jim Williamson
  • Emily Wood